Ian Enders

I lived in Toronto.

I moved to San Francisco.

I now live in New York.

I read comic books and maintain a pretty big collection.

I watch a lot movies and I used to run a weekly movie night.

I have a beautiful wife, a hyperactive French Bulldog, and a neurotic cat.

I write code and idiotic comments about the things I see.

I sometimes write longer idiotic comments too.

I was the Creative Director and Head of Product at PagerDuty.

I am not anymore, but they're still cool.

I am working with some awesome people right now to disrupt an industry.

I am the CTO of NewlyWish, and we recently joined the WeddingWire family.

I am what hipsters aspire to be. Effortlessly hipster.

I have a more detailed résumé if you're into that sort of thing.